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Mania - Craig Larsen Before I begin, I won this from a Goodreads free-giveaway contest. It got mailed to me from the author (Craig Larsen) and was signed with this in the front: "Tom, Hope you enjoy the read! Craig"
I'm putting this up front because, basically, I wouldn't feel comfortable giving this book a bad review if it sucked. Fortunately, for me, it doesn't.

It was quite good! To call this the best book I've won from Goodreads isn't saying much and does the book a disservice. It's better than that.

The murder mystery plot isn't my favorite. There are more than a few murder books that I just can NOT get into at all. And while there are parts that I felt were predictable, the book was still a good read and intriguing and interesting.

I would recommend it only to murder book fans, but recommend it I would.