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Angelica: A Novel

Angelica: A Novel - Arthur Phillips Wow. I heard about this book through Border's website. They had a shortlist of 5 books recommended by Stephen King (one of my favorite authors). The first book of his 5 was Angelica. I've never read any of Arthur Phillips books before, but the description made it sound interesting. So I picked it up.

How to review without spoiling it...Not your every day ghost story. In fact, maybe not a ghost story at all. The book sets itself up nicely to have you guessing and second-guessing at every turn. The "unreliable" narrator is smartly used among the four main characters (each character gets his/her own section) to pull the wool over the readers' eyes and make you think (and rethink) your opinions of the plot and the characters themselves.

Basically, after nearly dying several times to produce a child for her husband, Constance Barton finally gives birth to Angelica, despite almost losing her life in the process. Joseph Barton (husband and now father) must deal with the family as Constance starts to notice unnatural things happen to Angelica... What is real and what isn't?