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Seeing Eye

Seeing Eye - Jack Ellis Where to begin.

I usually at least give bad books 1 star just so I know that I did, indeed, read and rate it. But this was SO BAD it does not even deserve 1 star.

For starters, there were typos throughout the WHOLE book. I know that's more on the editor and the publisher, but it is still unacceptable. Many times I was confused by random dialogue showing up, because several times there were just NO QUOTATION MARKS to signify dialogue. On top of that many words (too many words) were spelled wrong. At one point, "leaves" was spelled "leav3s". Gimme a fucking break.

Onto the story:

Our "hero" is an unlikable bully. At one point, he is assaulted by teenagers (side note=why do the teenagers attack a blind man? because not a single character in the book is likable, nor does any character seem to possess any civility). When the teens assault the blind man, he falls to the ground, cries, and begs for mercy. A day or two later, the blind man returns to the scene of the assault with his new-ability to see. And he surprises one of the teens (who still assumes him to be blind) and beats the crap out of him. And then gloats about it. Typical bully behavior.

Further defining the horrendous demeanor of EVERY character: the blind guy mentally bullies his sister. His sister subjugates herself to get him surgery to help him see. His gf is mentally bullied by her mother AND her ex-fiance. The blind guy mentally bullies the gf's ex-fiance AND wants to physically bully him.

Then there is the antagonist. This is where we get into the author's absolute hatred of animals. For no reason at all, dogs are abused and beaten. Rabbits are killed. Dogs are shot. Dogs are blinded. I think cats die too.

Oh, and the icing on the cake - there is gratuitous child-torture and child-murders. Yay!