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Lost Souls

Lost Souls - Poppy Z. Brite I gave it a bland overall rating because the book was, overall, a letdown. I got the idea to read it on a horror novel kick that led me to Horror Writers Association's Horror Reading List. Brite's Lost Souls was on said list, and one of the newer titles to make the grade (quite a few books on the list are old and out of print). So I picked it up.

The cover looks quite scary and vampires, when done right, can make for terrifying reading. So I had high hopes for a good, scary horror novel. But for 300 of 355 pages, it was nothing more than your typical, growing-up, coming-of-age novel. Only this time, the boy becoming a man was a vampire boy. A vampire boy who doesn't know he's a vampire, who flees his adoptive parents and goes on a trek to find himself, his family, and his past. Boring.

Until the last 50 pages, when events culminate with all the major characters arriving in New Orleans and vampires do their vampire thing. Then there's danger and drama and stuff happening that is GOOD. But by that point, it's too little too late.