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Just After Sunset: Stories

Just After Sunset: Stories - Stephen King Okay, more like a 3.5 star book, but you still can't give .5 star reviews yet. Started off with a short story that I liked, and then went downhill from there for 2 or 3 stories. I was seriously starting to have my doubts about Mr. King and his prowess for writing the short story. It seemed like Joe Hill had sucked up all the good short story writing ability for 20th Century Ghosts. But it got a LOT better. My breakdown:

Willa: Good. Nice, new take on subject matter that's been done before.
The Gingerbread Girl: Ugh. Think Dean Koontz's "Intensity" compressed into 50 pages or so.
Harvey's Dream: I think Outer Limits or some show did a half hour ep on this (or a similar) pretense that King himself had written. Felt tired and old.
Rest Stop: Think King's "The Dark Half" but with George Stark as a good guy and only 20 pages long.
Stationary Bike: This is where the book starts to skyrocket, although I had read "Bike" in another collection (not SK collection though) when it was first published.
The Things They Left Behind: Wow. Excellent. One of my favs. And dealing with such an emotional subject too.
Graduation Afternoon: Better than I would have imagined if you told be the subject matter prior to reading.
N.: WOW. Best of the bunch. His notes at the end of the book didn't mention this at all, but I TOTALLY pictured a Lovecraftian monster with the helmet-head.
The Cat From Hell: Another good one. Now I know why I'm a dog person.
The New York Times At Special Bargain Rates: Idea of the "phone call" mixed with the "Harvey's Dream" premonition is what that Outer Limits was like. This didn't feel stale though.
Mute: Very, very creepy. Good, even though I figured something weird would happen at the end.
Ayana: Didn't see the extended unnatural parts coming in advance. Liked it.
A Very Tight Place: Ok. Would have been better if he was a witch.