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I Am Legend

I Am Legend - Richard Matheson First story I Am Legend totally lives up to it's billing as a FANTASTIC, original vampire tale. The vampire mythos that Matheson tore down with "scientific" explanations was incredibly thought out and detailed. My favorite part being where Neville showed the cross to Ben Cortman, who laughed in his face, then brought out the Torah and that set him off. Highly recommended story.
The next two--Buried Talents and The Near Departed were bad. Could have been better, but they were missed opportunities.
After that came Prey. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to realize that it was original story behind "The Doll"! The third short of 1975's Trilogy of Terror. Another winner.
Witch War was creepy and fun. I would love to see the story of the seven girls expanded upon.
Dance of the Dead sucked. They can't all be winners.
Dress of White Silk was another one the was eerie and vague. But a regular spine chiller!
Mad House kinda sucked. Where Buried Talents was a good idea that wasn't fleshed out enough, Mad House was a good idea that dragged on WAY to long. Ugh.
The Funeral was okay. Nothing too exciting.
From Shadowed Places not too bad, but again, nothing too exciting.
Person to Person was one of the better stories.

All told, I Am Legend remains the best of the lot and a good enough reason to pick up the book, even if it's the only one that you read.